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Do You Know How Knowing Your Lucky Colors Can Bring Success To Your Life?

 Numerology, the study of numbers, is a mysterious science that claims that each number has its own unique properties and energies that can influence our lives in either a good or bad way. Colors play a special role in numerology. Each number has its own color associated with it. These colors bring luck, fortune, and happiness to you. So, it is essential that you know what your lucky color is based on the date of your birth.

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Following are the Lucky Colors As Per Date of Birth

Number 1: Red, orange, yellow

Number 2: Blue, green, white

Number 3: Yellow, gold, brown

Number 4: Grey, black

Number 5: Blue, green

Number 6: Indigo, pink

Number 7: Purple, smoky brown

Number 8: Black, dark blue

Number 9: Red, maroon

How to Find Your Lucky Color As Per Date of Birth?

Numerology offers a few different methods for determining your lucky color. Calculating your life path number is one such method. The total of your birth date’s digits determines your life path number. For example, if you were born on January 1, 2001, your life path number would be 1+1+2+0+0+1 = 5, which means your life path number is 5.

Once you have calculated the life path number, you can look upon the color associated with it. For example, people with a life path number of 3 are lucky in yellow, golden and brown.

How to Use Your Lucky Color?

You may employ your lucky color in different ways to draw luck and prosperity. Here are some suggestions:

  • Accessorize with or wear clothing in your lucky color

  • Surround yourself with items, such as flowers, furniture, or home accents, that are in your lucky color,

  • In your personal branding, such as your website, business cards, or social media accounts, use your fortunate hue or sit in meditation or picture yourself in your lucky hue.

Numerology uncovers an interesting relation between numbers and colors, which hold the powers that impact our lives. Understanding and embracing your lucky color can help support your energy and bring favorable luck and success into your life. Incorporating a few basic numerology tips into your day to day life will assist you with lining up with the positive energy and open your capability to succeed and be cheerful.

May your journey with colors bring you abundant blessings and prosperity!

I sincerely hope that this blog post was helpful.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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