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Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

benefits of ruby gemstone


With its alluring deep red color, the ruby gemstone has been worn by royalty for generations as a representation of passion, strength, and wealth. But underneath its visible beauty, the ruby has a deeper meaning, especially in the field of astrology, where it is thought to provide a special range of advantages.

Today, we explore the possible astrological benefits of ruby gemstone.


 The Transformative Influence of Rubies in Vedic Astrology

 In Vedic astrology, the ruby (also called Manik) is associated with the planet Sun, which stands for courage, vigor, and confidence. It is believed that wearing a ruby can increase the power of the Sun in a person's natal birth chart, and brings innumerable positive changes in the life of the person.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Three main categories can be used to group the ruby's alleged advantages: spiritual development, physical health, and emotional stability.

 1. Emotional Health:

  •  Increasing Self-Belief and Confidence: The connection of ruby with the sun helps its wearer to overcome self-doubt and become confident and self-reliant.

  • Combating Negative Emotions: It provides mental and inner peace and reduces negative emotions like anxiety, worry, and fear.

  • Increasing Passion and Creativity: Ruby contains powerful vivid energy which helps increase passion and creativity and provides a new and emotionally balanced life to the wearer.

2. Physical Health

  • Encouraging Vitality and Energy: Without any doubt, the connection of ruby with the sun would increase energy levels and improve general vitality.

  •  Enhancing Blood Health and Circulation: According to astrologers, rubies have the power to improve blood flow and may even be able to help with circulatory problems.

  • Boosting Immunity and Bone Health: Astrologers believe that wearing ruby boosts the immunity system and brings good physical health.

3. Spiritual Development

  • Balancing the Root Chakra: The root chakra, which is the foundation of our life is associated with the ruby. It is thought that wearing a ruby can assist balance this chakra, encouraging a feeling of self-awareness and connectedness to the outside world.

  • Improving Spiritual Awareness: According to astrologers, the ruby increases connection with the divine energy and enhances spiritual growth.

Who can Wear Ruby?

  • A person with Driver Number or Conductor Number 1.

  • A person who have number 1 thrice in their Lo Shu grid.

  • Person born in Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius, Scorpio or Pisces ascendant.

Caution: Wear any gemstone only after consultation with an experienced astrologer. You can book our Gemstone Consultation here.

How to energize Ruby Gemstone?

Charging a gemstone is crucial to to recharge its energy. To energize Ruby, one can place it in sunlight and then wear it on Sunday morning while chanting " Om Ghrani Suryaye Namah".

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