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Why Should You Consider Name Numerology Correction?


Many people investigate different paths to align their lives with positive energies to grow personally and learn more about themselves. A commonly ignored yet effective strategy is renaming oneself according to numerology. According to numerology, an age-old discipline that assigns meaning to numbers, every number has a distinct vibration that has the power to affect our lives. Here's a peek at how renaming yourself may be a life-changing, transformational experience.

What is Name Numerology?

The study of numbers known as numerology holds that there is a numerical system underlying the universe. A numerologist can use this knowledge to forecast a person's characteristics based on his name and birthdate. This indicates that numerology holds that your attributes and destiny can be greatly influenced by your name and date of birth.

Why Numerology Name Correction is important?

According to numerology, a person's name is more than just a label; it has a vibrational meaning that affects their life journey. When your name is in harmony with your date of birth, you can unlock your potential, attract good things into your life, and live a life that is more meaningful and harmonious. Therefore, numerology name alterations are very effective. People's lives can take favorable turns if the vibrational energy connected to a name is changed.

Benefits of Numerology Name Correction

By changing name according to numerology, it is possible to elevate positivity in life

•             When your name number and date of birth are not in harmony, it invites hurdles in life.

•             A good name number also brings harmony and peace in relationships

•             Changing the name may help the person in professional pursuits too.

How to get a corrected name as per numerology?

  • Consult an experienced numerologist. You can book a numerology consultation here with us.

  • The new altered name should be written several times for some months to bring its vibrations to life

  •   Try to add the new name to important documents, signatures, social media channels, house name plates, etc.

Example of Numerology Name Correction

Original Name: JIYA GUPTA

Name Number: 8

Date of Birth: 16.02.2002

Driver Number: 1+6=7

Conductor Number: 1+6+2+2+0+0+2= 13= 1+3=4

As the number 4 (Rahu) and 7 (Ketu) are unfriendly to number 8 (Saturn), the present name is not compatible with Jiya Gupta's date of birth.

Lo Shu Grid
Lo Shu Grid of Ms. Jiya Gupta

Bases on the date of birth of Jiya Gupta, the suitable name numbers for are number 5 and number 6. Since the number 5 is missing from her date of birth, the corrected name for her should be JIYA GUUPTA which totals at number 5.


In conclusion, through numerology name correction by harmonizing the date of birth with the name spelling, the life paths may be improved.  It helps in aligning people with their innate energies and hence numerology name correction can bring about beneficial life improvements and noticeable changes in life.


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