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Finding Balance with Number 5

Do you ever feel like you can’t ever catch a break? Like you’re always cruising from one

overwhelming situation to another?

You’re not alone. There’s so many of us (yes, I’m including myself here). You know what our niche gang lacks in life? It’s balance. Or it can also be called stability. We are unable to find a “flow” which keeps us interested but hardly ever overwhelmed.

In the world of numerology, this situation can be explained. Number 5 denotes balance and

a natural absence of 5 in our birth chart can cause this situation. Having a strong number 5

placement in your chart can make your professional journey very smooth. We all know

people who survive and thrive in the same job for years and years while the rest of us are

hopping from one role to another for one reason or the other. Having a strong number 5

placement greatly increases one’s prospects of getting a good Govt. or corporate job.

But not all hope is lost! There are remedies to make up for the absence of 5 in your charts.

The color green represents 5 and wearing a lot of green can certainly bring you the stability

vibes you need. Green emerald is known to have a lot of stability-inducing properties. It sure

has helped me a lot since I started wearing it in a silver ring three years ago!

Want to know whether you have a strong number 5 placement or not? Let us know in the


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