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Birth Numbers & Compatibility

Updated: Jan 12

Ever wondered why you immediately feel like home around some people and how talking to some others even for 10 mins drains your energy for half of your day? While some people find it easier than others to cut off the energy drainers, others may find such people extremely attractive (sometimes even overlooking the obvious impact they experience on their physical and mental health).

I will try to give you a numerology perspective about compatibility. We will look at our birth date number. You will have to add digits of your birth date to arrive at a single digit which will be referred to as your birth date number. So if you were born on 24 March, your birth number will be 6.

The most interesting case is usually of no. 4s (birth dates of 4, 13, 22 of any month). The ruling planet of no. 4s is Uranus. Such people have the ability to talk to anyone and everyone. They are extremely impressionable people. Whoever they spend their most time with, they’ll start mirroring their behaviour. They even go to an extent of talking exactly like those people. Hence, their enthusiasm and motivation greatly depend on the company they keep. No. 4s should be very careful and cautious about who they let in their lives. However, they can leverage their unique trait by venturing into businesses that have scope of selling products/services to strangers. But in all cases, no. 4s should only let very few people in their inner circle and only after years of trust-building.

The exact opposite case is of no. 9s (birth dates of 9, 18, 27 of any month). The ruling planet of No. 9s is Mars and they don’t trust anyone easily. They are doubtful of people’s intentions until they have spent considerable amount of time with them. They are the most guarded of all birth numbers. But once they accept someone into their lives, they become very protective about them.

So, what birth number are you? And which birth numbers are you attracted to the most? Let’s chat in the comments!



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