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Welcome to Indrra

We are a team of occultists from India specialising in Numerology and Gem Stones. Have you ever wondered, what is the significance of various "numbers" that are attached to you since you take birth? Your date of birth, destiny number, name number are some of the concepts that we delve into to help you with various issues you must be facing related to your health, career and relationship using appropriate Gemstones

We have an experience of over 30 years in guiding people to achieve the full potential of their lives. Should you decide to work with us, we will consider your problems as our own and put our heart and soul trying to solve them using the principles of Numerology. We offer the following services:


Our Services

Gemstones For You


There is no straightforward answer when it comes to applying principles of Numerology to understand which gemstone you should be wearing. One of the principle used to recommend relevant gemstone is the "missing numbers" calculation which is usually calculated using your date of birth. A word of caution here is that if you do not see a particular number in your date of birth it does not mean that particular number is missing as there are some permutations and combinations which are to be applied and even take in to consideration the date of birth of your spouse. Once the missing number calculation is done the following list can be used to determine the correct gemstone for you based on your body weight. Please note these numbers should be "missing" and not present:

  • 1 - Ruby

  •  2 - Pearl

  • 3 - Yellow Sapphire

  • 4 - Hessonite

  • 5- Emerald

  • 6 - Diamond

  • 7 - Cats-eye

  • 8 - Blue Sapphire

  • 9 - Red Coral

To help you with the correct gemstone, please give us an opportunity to conduct a personalised Gemstone Consultation for Rs 1,099/- only (Click here).

What our Clients Say About Us

Brilliant work. Very professional, accurate, giving amazing advices. Highly recommend. Will be back for more!


Very detailed and precise information was given to me. Would highly recommend


I cannot describe how amazing my experience was. It almost felt like a doctor’s consultation which was very thorough and lot of explanation


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